How much do you love me?

“How much do you love me?”

He asked. It’s not the first time he ask this question which answer he already knows. Perhaps, he likes to be validated. Or perhaps, he found all the answers I give amusing (they are different every time)

“My love for you is as big as the universe” I said and smiled in satisfaction.

To perfect the already good answer, I added “…and it expands”

Naturally, I threw the same question back at him. Not because of insecurity, but because it is only fair that he work his brain too. This time especially, because I know he can’t possibly come up with anything better. haha!

“My love for you is as big as the galaxy”

“Don’t copy me. Try again”

“My love for you is as big as the earth”

I paused for a second, imagining the difference in size of both the galaxy and earth, and said

“Hmm…your love for me is significantly smaller huh?”

He smirked and we spoke about something else equally entertaining.