How I make use of my cookbook + showing gratitude through food

I used to bring my iPad into the kitchen to cook. In it contains Evernote app which I store all the recipes which I have collected, tried and tweaked. One of the weekends, I found myself reaching for my cookbook instead of the iPad!

I was rather please because the recipes in the cookbook I have tried many times over. So I was sure of it’s success. So much so that I despite increasing the quantity by three times, I refused to go with my instinct but closely follow the measurement. Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing! 😛cooking

Oh, so I needed to make a big batch of my favourite condiment to keep in the fridge: dried shrimp and belacan sambal! The book launch marks the end of official work I need to do for the book. So it’s time to celebrate and give thanks to those who made it happened.

So I made and pack sambal in cute bottles. I’ve included Korean ginseng tea and chicken essence to boost health of those who tireless help me. I also wrote a little thank you note. So into doing that (I love crafts!) I forgot to grab some photos.



All in all, it was a happy weekend! Due to travelings and meetings, I’ve been spending less time in the kitchen. So being able to be creative in and out of kitchen was nice.


p/s: If you ever try this recipe, make sure you get good quality dried shrimps. I normally get mine from a seafood shop in Kuantan. This time, my supply is low and I had to buy from TESCO instead. The quality was appalling compared to what I normally use and it does affect the taste. No wonder cooking schools always emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients!