How do you manage to do so much?

Today, someone asked me how I manage my time since I seem to be doing a lot. It was a difficult question.

While washing my hair, I came up with an answer “It’s not what I do with my hours, but what I achieve at the end of those hours”. (Yes, the showerhead can be a Bodhi tree. I’m not a Buddhist but I do like the Siddarta Gautama’s teachings and I would like to think I get enlightened sometimes).

Oh, I digressed. Back to topic…

What does it mean? Well, I see my to-do list not just as something I need to tick off. I see to-dos as my daily goals that are meant to be accomplished in the shortest time possible and without compromising on the quality.

One can spend a lot of time doing something without a satisfactory outcome. I avoid that trap. Being busy does not equal to being effective.

In a nutshell: I focus not on the doing; I focus on the results.