Happy birthday, Brada + my cookbook is in Kinokuniya!

On Brada’s birthday, we decided to celebrate at KLCC so we can drop by Kinokuniya to check out my book. Oh, do you know that Kinokuniya rarely accepts local publishers? I believe ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ is the first MPH cookbook they decided to have in store. So the publisher and I are very happy about it!4 12cakeThen we went to a restaurant which allows us to bring Manda’s ice-cream cake! She was suppose to make a full ice-cream cake but failed in her first attempt. So she made regular chocolate cake and top it with a scoop of ice-cream and cone instead. I bought my uke, wanting to play ‘Happy Birthday’ but failed miserably. Poor boy. He didn’t get the cake he wanted and music was bad. haha!ben15648670569_f1ddf3ba82_z3


Happy birthday, Brada!