Happiness is…

very good books for free!

I’ve finally completed reading Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. Reading never stops because it always pique your interest in something new and lead you to other equally good, if not better, books.

The Shortness Of Life – Great stoic philosophy I want to reread. Conclusion, life is not short, it’s just that we waste much of it.

The Little Prince – When I was a teen, I remember telling a senior about something from the book. It was very idealistic and he thought it was childish. I’m glad I carried the same innocence ten years later, and it worked well in my life so far. Excited to read it again with a more mature mind.

The Prince – Ha Joon Chang prompted me to read this. It’s about how underhand method is justified to reach a larger goal. I do not agree. This is why I need to read it (Might have gotten the wrong copy tho!)

A Room Of One’s Own – Just because a girl who was not allowed into a library asked what is wrong with the society.

Unto This Last – Purportedly more influential than Marxism and encouraged many revolutionaries. Quite the opposite of The Prince

Meditations – Diary of one of the greatest Roman Emperor. So many wonderful stoical quotes I agree, hence thought that I must read it first hand.

The other books – Unstoppable by Bill Nye and The Art Of Travel by Alain de Botton – are given to me. So they are kinda free. Not a cent is spent, but all these ideas and their synergy is invaluable!