Happiness is…

reuniting with a long-lost toy, Prince Charming!

Prince Charming

I’ve been diligently tidying my house for days. Marie Kondo promised that if I use her method, I would only need to tidy once. With every item, I ask myself “Does it spark joy?”.  Admist discarding things, I found my Prince Charming hidden, for years, in the closet high-above.

Does it spark joy? OF COURSE! My Prince Charming had been my loyal companion when I was a bored and weary teen. He accompanied me at a time when I said no to almost every invitation out. He was beside me when I read ‘Emma’ and ‘Price & Prejudice’, and with every word I read I was certain that I’ll be alone just like Jane. The thought of having Prince Charming soothed my soul. I believed it’ll be him and me against the world.

Things happened and I was forced to grow up. I thought a frog stuffed toy was too childish so I kept it out of sight. That was how my poor Prince Charming was forgotten. Until I read the way Marie Kondo spoke about her Kiccoro t-shirt and how happy it made her, I remembered I once felt the same way. So I reunited with my Prince Charming and lived happily ever-after.


It’s now on my sofa, accompanying me as I write this. Looking at it makes me feel ridiculously happy!