“Your screwdriver is sh*tty” he complained while fixing my new IKEA table.

“Yes…you gave it to me. It’s a free gift. Some 1Malaysia thing”

“Don’t you have a better one?”

“No” I answered, and took all my tools out from a gift box that used to contain a purse and said “This is all I have”

He fiddled with my Swiss knife, and finally managed to tighten the screws to secure the legs.

“I knew there’s MacGyver in me!” he announced triumphantly unabashedly

“I don’t remember MacGyver complaining about his tools…


“You only need me at your house to fix things huh?” he casually mentioned while putting on other legs

“Oh, you forgot you come over for lunch and don’t even wash your dishes?”

“Ahh…I miss those times”


To be fair, he bought the table for me, ferried it in his car and fixed it successfully (Though that’s not without calling me a clown in the process…). Conclusion: ask a geek to solve any problems except those involving hard labour.