GEEK SAYS THE DARNEST THING: Alzheimer vs Parkinson, Not so saccharine

“Sorry, I shouldn’t talk about things that requires you to think when you drive” I realise after a hot debate about the kind of charity that is better – small but frequent (e.g visiting homes), or delayed but impactful (e.g foundation)

“No. Do continue. I won’t get Alzheimer as long as I’m with you. You make me think. But then again, I’ll probably get Parkinson”

Before I could ask why, he explained

“Sometimes you make me so angry my hand shakes and I want to strangle you”


“Teach me a new word” he demanded 


“It’s the sugar to sweeten coffee. How is that a new word?”

“Most people know that as a noun but do you know it can be an adjective too?”

“Yeah” he almost rolled his eyes

“Now you teach me a new word”


“What’s that?”

“When someone fart and sh*t comes out”


When you give them sweet they give you sh*t