Freshly squeeze citrus juice

I’m a big fan of OJ! But it has to be freshly squeezed. Not in a packet, not even in the blender. I like my orange juice extracted through pressing alone. All the better when flavoured with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

This is what I reward myself every now and then:


When I was at Amalfi Coast, Italy, I saw the biggest lemons in my life. Ok,  the one I’m holding is not the biggest. There’s one which is as big as a pomelo! (Maybe I’ll post a photo when I find one)

Btw, If you watch Entourage, Amalfi Coast is where Ari went on a holiday with his wife and got a call to be the chairman of Time Warner. It’s a beautiful place famous for limoncello.

amalficoastamalfi coast 2So as I was uploading these holiday photos into Flickr, I decided to make more citrus juice for myself, friends and family. It’s natural vitamin C in a glass! I shall work my citrus juicer harder!