Fresh Seafood at Sam Shing Estate Hong Kong

It’s our third day in Hong Kong. We drove away from central Hong Kong to Tuen Mun area for a little shopping and good seafood.IMG_4947In Hong Kong, seafood is not considered fresh unless they are alive. Apparently, it’s not uncommon to see fish in tanks at regular morning markets. If only it’s like that in Malaysia…IMG_4962Instead of going straight to a restaurant and order food from the menu, we went a nearby market to pick what we want to eat. I’ve never seen so many varieties of seafood in my life!IMG_4946We’ve got crabs, bamboo clams, squid, prawns and mantis prawns. They’ll naturally ask you to buy more than you need. So be stern and say no. The seafood costed us HKD 1440. It’s enough to feed 10 people!IMG_4951They will then pack the sea creatures in a huge plastic bag. That’s me with a bag of crabs! Hong Kong is famous for it’s hairy crabs. Seems like they have more eggs than flesh. So we got the regular crab with something to chew on instead. IMG_4964So we transport our food to a nearby hawker stall. It’s called Hing Kee; the highest rated stall at the area, according to Nancy.IMG_4968Thankfully we have Nancy to take care for a bunch of clueless Malaysians. She’s so efficient! She handles everything – booking, shopping, ordering, etc. She even pre-ordered the roast goose so we could eat as soon as we arrived. Her soon-to-be husband is so lucky to have her.nancyIronically, my favourite dish the the roast goose. Though I will normally choose white meat over red, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The skin is so crispy and the dipping sauce is so good! Surely a must-try in Hong Kong.IMG_4981This I think is an authentic Hong Kong experience. It’s like I’m sucked into a TVB drama.sam shing