Going for the perfect forward bend

One of my resolution this year is to do a perfect forward bend (Uttanasana). What do I mean by perfect? Well, it means having my head on my knees and palms on the floor.

Due to prolong sitting infront of the computer, I’m troubled with tight hamstring and could barely touch the ground with my fingers. Then, the distance from my finger to the floor seems very far. So I drew this:

IMG_2151.JPGRecently, I make myself do at least few minutes of yoga in the morning. Slowly, from an immaleable stick, I’ve turned into a bendable toy. While my head can’t touch my knee yet, but it’s getting really close!


I find it amazing that a few minutes of yoga in the morning make such a big difference to my flexibility. It shows that, small and consistent effort can yield unimaginable results!