Food or flowers will do, thank you

It’s so liberating to know that you don’t need or want many things…or at least less than what you think.

I am still trying to reduce my belongings by half. I just packed a box full of things I no longer need or want. I aim to only keep things that serves a purpose and/or spark joy.

It has come to a point where belongings feels like a burden. Choosing and maintaining takes up time and mental energy – intangible things which are much more precious to me than material things (that I don’t need).

Gifts initially elates me, but later makes me feel guilty. I don’t want to get rid of things given to me out of love. And I understand the act of giving something to someone you care about – I do that often and I think its a wonderful thing.

My pretty dressing table – with just enough cosmetics and accessories – sparks joy. 
But then again, I don’t like many things in general. I have very practical, specific, and often, peculiar taste – which only a few people know. Besides, I rather have your time/company.
In my effort to not have more incoming material things, I’m letting my friends (you) know that if you want to be nice to me. You can…
  1. Take me out for lunch/dinner and talk to me about things that excites you
  2. Invite me for any outdoor activities
  3. Teach me how to cook your favourite food/ share your best family recipe
  4. Take me go fishing (bonus: barbeque the fish together after)
  5. Take me camping (bonus: building a campfire together)
If you REALLY have to give me something you can hold/buy, let it be perishable e.g food or flowers.
Now, I gotta go around the house and figure out what else I can get rid of….