Food in Brussels

I’ve once wondered if I would enjoy traveling so much if not for the opportunity to sample exotic, local food. While I may not be a big eater, I certainly enjoy the flavour in every nibble I take.

This winter, I explored the town of Brussels. It’s such a shame that we know so little about their delicious local food. They are know for their fresh mussels, quality beer (which they claim is far superior than German’s), Belgian fries with variety of sauces to choose from and, of course chocolates.

Mussels with wine and celery at Chez Leon, a popular local joint in the most happening area of the town.


Kriek, or cherry beer. Even if you generally dislike beer like I do, kriek will win you over.


belgian chocolate

Lovely display of Belgian chocolates in huge glass jar.



Watching a short clip at the European Parliament about natural farming. Food is a favourite topic of mine and I’m always curious where they came from.


belgian fries

Belgian gets annoyed when I call it French fries out of habit. These are the crispiest chips I’ve put in my mouth. Absolutely divine with their special sauce, andalouse.