Learning First Aid

For the longest time I attributed the passing of my Daddy to the negligence of doctors and the delay of ambulance service. And I wished I could have done more for him. I thought having all emergency number pasted on the fridge was enough. Or being home in case he needs me to send him to the hospital. But it wasn’t.

There were a lot of ‘If only’. If only I knew what to do when he had that fatal heart attack. If only I had joined St.John Ambulance like what he told me to instead of Girls Guide. If only I didn’t trust the doctor and get a second opinion. If only.

Doing CPR on a mannequin. As you can tell from my face, I took the course very seriously.

I can’t change the past, but I know that if it ever happen again to my love ones, I will be able to do something useful. So I finally I mustered enough courage to face my fear and took a first aid course over the weekend.

Now I am certified to give CPR, use the AED, and perform Heimlich Manoeuvre. It means that when someone stopped breathing, heart stop beating, and choked – I know what to do.

Here’s a one page note I made:


  • Monitor the health of my family and cook healthy food for them
  • Go to a refresher First Aid course every two years
  • Discuss with friends who are doctors/nurses about emergency health care
  • Invest in an A.E.D if someone in the family shows any sign of heart problems
  • Check the availability of A.E.D in hotels, malls, and other places I frequent
  • Put together a First Aid kit to place in the kitchen
  • Get direct number of ambulance services/fire fighter/police and paste it on the fridge (And understand that they may not be of much help)
  • Tell more people about the importance of First Aid


Do you know that if someone stops breathing, he only has 4 to 10 minutes before he becomes brain dead? Chances are that the ambulance will not arrive in time. It is VERY important that CPR is administered immediately.

I’ll put together a list of places you can learn First Aid in KL soon. Please wait!