Fine food and conversations

Imagine a plate of mushroom and ferns shaped like a garland so pretty you would put on your head. Or a dessert served on a vase (those twigs in the first photos are edible). How about pomfret covered in what seems like foams when you have bubble bath? That’s fine dining, put in a very coarse way.

Honestly, I only got over the hefty price of fine dining after trying a few Michelin-starred restaurants e.g Locanda Locatelli and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London. If we could put aside of preconceived notion of fine dining as bourgeoisie pursuit,  fine dining as a celebration of fresh produce, creativity, art, hardwork and love. For without any of those ingredients, an edible masterpiece cannot be created.

My favourite dish: Gula Melaka Marquise, Sour Meringue, Pulut Ice Cream
My favourite dish: Gula Melaka Marquise, Sour Meringue, Pulut Ice Cream

This is the first time I try fine dining in Malaysia. At Dewakan, a local fine dining restaurant at KDU University College at Glenmarie I’ve got to experience local produce and taste. Bunga telang (butterfly pea flower) petals decorated a dessert and its blue dye infused in oil dressing. Different ulam decorated many dishes. Mushroom consommé was heated and infused with strong-flavour vegetables like celery in a coffee siphon.
Fine food is best accompanied by fine company. We were boggled by what we ate and had a lot of funny interesting way to describe the dishes

“This mushroom soup reminds me of red bean soup ”

“We are eating ferns!”

“When was the last time you ate flowers?”

“I am confused. This ice shaving dessert-like thing is savoury”  


If you’re interested in a fine dining experience, book a place at Dewakan. If you have an open-mind and palate and have an interest in local ingredients and flavours, you’ll enjoy yourself. Remember to invite some of your favourite people!


Thank you El, Kes and Jan for a wonderful night!