Finding my capsule wardrobe

There’s an article on FT about how millennials are anxious about appearing too often in the same outfit (Title: “Shopping: Retail’s Holy Grail”). That’s rather alarming as I’m trying to do the opposite.

I want to put a ‘positive constraint’ in everyday things like choosing what to wear and channel those energy and time into generating cool things.


 So I try to wear the same thing as often as I can. This method made me realise the clothes I really like and are flexible (appropriate for almost every occasion). Clothing that I think twice of wearing, I plan to giveaway.

I’m hoping to reach a capsule wardrobe soon. It shall consist of quality clothes I absolutely love and would wear again and again. For now, I really like my flouncy black skirt, knitted striped top, studded loafer and a few A-line dresses.


Top: Axotiq, Loafer: Lewre, Bag: Miu Miu, Glasses: Prada

Good luck to me!