February came early for this female!

Remember I mentioned about the 2 hours makeup I did with FEMALE magazine? It was for a section called “My Stylish Life” where I spoke about my cookbook ‘Malaysian Meal In 30 Minutes’ and my life in general. We did it last November in preparation for February issue. This is the result:female mag Female Magazine Malaysia - Sara Khong 2  Female Magazine Malaysia - Sara Khong 4 Female Magazine Malaysia - Sara Khong 5

I had to answer a long list of questions e.g What’s my favourite holiday destination? What’s my favourite food? What’s my new year resolutions? What I cannot say ‘no’ to? The list was so long I don’t even remember what I said. FEMALE picked a few things – asam laksa, ukulele and Seoul. Surely some of the loveliest things in the world!

Female Magazine Malaysia - Sara Khong 3

Photoshoot is always fun. Thank you FEMALE for dolling me up! But being a productive person, I still can’t get over the fact that the makeup and hair can take up to 120 minutes. I will never voluntarily spend an extra minute if I know can achieve similar results much faster.

That’s me with the least makeup I’ll put on when I go out – some eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and quick-curled hair. All of that took at most 15 minutes and I kinda think the result is not that different… (in print, at least)womens weekly 1


But if you were to see me and touch my face after the shoot, that’s a different story. You probably wouldn’t recognise me nor want to touch my face…


p/s: I was wearing my favourite necklace which Yasmine gave me on my birthday. Thank you Yaz, I love it!