Facebook ‘Like’ magnets

I’m very selective over a lot of things, including what kind of magnets I put on my fridge (?!). Each and every of them carry a special meaning to me and bring back fond memories. I have:


  • Monalisa from The Lourve – it’s on my favourite postcard
  • Coronation of Napoleon from The Lourve Paris-  I adore Napoleon love towards the underserving Josephine. His last words were ‘France, Army, Josephine’ aww
  •  Gold bar from European Union Museum in Belgium – EU is a subject I took back in law school and gold is my favourite metal
  • Oxford Road street – my favourite street in London (which we spend too many days at)
  • Love Lane – One of our first few dating places

and my favourite….

  •  ‘Like’ magnet from Facebook headquarter in Silicon Valley.

20140518-092541.jpgIsn’t it extremely apt to put notes of food such as ‘bedtime snacks’ and secure it with a thumbs-up magnet? I sure think so! So, when the Boyfan left to Silicon Valley last month, I asked for another ‘Like’ magnet. Upon getting it, I thought one is quite enough and asked if I could give it away

“Can I give it to my (JewelPie) readers?”


“Why cannooottt?”

“I specifically asked for one for you. They are given for free for employees. It’s disguting to give something I get for free away to someone else!”

“I wish I can buy one. Facebook should set up a merchandise shop!”


Oh, I wish I can buy a dozen and give some away to JewelPie readers. It would be nice to see what kind of recipe/notes on food they paste on their fridge! Facebook should really start a shop. Evernote has one, Angry Birds has one, why not Facebook? And yes, the Boyfan is ethical/stubborn like that…