EXPERIMENT: what happens when you read books instead of Facebook for a year?

In the car on the way to Christmas dinner, I read on iBooks and chuckled to what the Cobbler in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar said (to procure more work, he makes men walk about the town to dull their soles). Upon hearing my amusement with my phone he asked “Are you on Facebook?”


This year I’ve decided to (try to) read a book instead of the Facebook newsfeed. Since January 2014, I’ve read 18 books (excluding Julius Caesar and Status Anxiety). That amounts to 1.5 books a month; quite a feat for a busy year.

How so I feel about it? Well, I think I can safely say if we spend less time on Facebook we have more time than we think we do. The few minutes we scroll and like statuses adds up in a year. In my case, I’ve gained the content of almost 20 good books including The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Korean Etiquette and Modern Nutrition and Traditional Wisdom.

How about socializing? I’ve made a conscious effort this year to talk and enjoy a meal with people. Real time activities, not virtual. Of course time and circumstances don’t allow me to meet everyone, so there’s plenty of private messages (conversations shared with the entire world is too impersonal for my taste)

I quite like the result of this experiment. Though the ambitious me hoped I could also join the bandwagon and give thumb ups generously on everyone’s favourite social site. Let’s see what magic I can do in 2015!