What happens when you read books instead of newsfeed?

I did an experiment to prove that you only need 20 hours to learn something new and succeeded. From a music retard, I transformed into a (bad) ukelele player in 20 hours. It’s as good as it gets for someone who memorised numbers instead of chords at her piano class once upon a time. Now, I can perform a few songs such as Moon River and Jingle Bells.

Actually, my first two songs were Happy Birthday and Amazing Grace. How ironic – one is played at birthdays and another at funeral. I accidentally learned songs symbolising the beginning and and end of a human life! The Boyfan says at least now I can ease people sorrow when someone died (?!)IMG_6606.JPG

Now, another experiment which I am doing spending less time on Facebook for leisure. Every time I feel like I want to, I make myself to read a book or at least well-researched papers like New York Times and Financial times (not local propaganda or God forbid Buzzfeed and other linkbaits). So how do I fare so far?

Results: I manage to read about 1.6 books per month. It’s like a brain detox. It feel so good to learn about a 17 years old boy who fought for democracy in Hong Kong, a British entrepreneur who make sugar-free and salt-free baby food and suggestion by Sir David Tang (founder of Shanghai Tang) to have Guy De Maupassant’s book in clinics….instead of ‘What-this-baby-do-will-blow-your-mind’ kinda articles.

Will continue my experiment until end of this year. I’m quite happy with the results so far!