Domestic Goddess (!)

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I was whipping heavy cream when Rachel from The Sun sent a snapshot of a feature of me via Whatsapp. The title startled me. But I had no time to think for I have six recipes to prepare for tomorrow’s photoshoot with a magazine.

I quickly forwarded it to my family to help me get a copy. My brother was aghast. He grew up knowing me as the sister with nose in books and feet on everywhere but home. Now, I still read and I travel widely, but I love to be in the kitchen and being home too.

I make quick meals, often have friends and family over for home-cooked food, organise and decorate the home and everything else, and I even teach my mother cooking and housekeeping shortcuts. What a surprise!

The feature reminds me of a book I read a long time ago. I rarely read chick lit, but one that I loved was ‘The Undomestic Goddess’; it’s about a lawyer who runaway due to work-stress and accidentally ended up as a domestic help. I was probably in secondary school and never in my wildest dream then that my life will turn out to be quite similar.


Oh, how much I’ve learned and changed since I moved out!

Read the full article here and the pdf here.