Does an emerald become any worst if nobody praises it?

“Does an emerald become any worst if nobody praises it?”














Normally I am unaffected by both compliments or criticisms, especially if they are true. Then why is my tranquility disturbed? I realized I am annoyed by gross misunderstanding.

Some people mistook an emerald as a stone, and laugh at why we treat the stone like a gem. Marcus’ advice I’ll like to take:

“…essential to remember that the care bestowed on each action should be proportionate to its worth; for then you will not lose heart and give up, if you are not busying with matters to greater extend than they deserve”

Perhaps, no matter how hard we try, some things/ people are just not worth our time.

That’s the easier path, but really, this is what he recommends:

“A careful regard for the interests of one’s friends; patience towards the unlearned and those whose opinions are not founded on methodical reflection….could accommodate himself to all kinds of people…”

O God, please give me more patience, love, and strength!

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