Discover beauty apart from vanity

One of the most popular feedback on JewelPie is ‘show more of your face!’. That is exactly what I try not to do.

JewelPie is a brand, not a personal blog. It aims to provides content with substance and style. It’s helpful and relevant to readers. I hope for it to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

I want to do something different this time around. I want to attract a different kind of attention. One base on nothing but great content that stems from creativity, knowledge and passion.

Too many women get noticed for their perceived perfect face or the length of their hemlines. But women have much more to offer to the world. I want JewelPie to be an instrument to show that fact.

I want to talk about beauty differently. It’s not derived purely from cosmetics or clothing (tho I love them both). Beauty also has a lot to do with character, health and food.

I’ve been drawn to this quote by Darling magazine. I hope it will emanates at JewelPie:

“Discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity and womanhood without degradation”