Crossed paths

There are many types of people you know in the world. One of these belong to a unique group; good people you cross paths with. They only appear briefly and make a miniscule part in your life. But despite the short duration, you have this affinity that you don’t have with people you’ve known for years. I’ve met one. Her name is Barbara.

friendsShe likes the colour purple. Someone whose favourite colour is the colour of my baby is automatically in my good books 😉 Unfair I know but that’s not it. She had lived a much longer life than I do but I detected no cynicism or weariness with life. She still wear flowers on her hair if she feels like it and enjoy as many glasses of wine as her heart desires. That’s how I’ll love to be when I grow older.

Then, there’s Mr.Chen, the person managing the resort. He took me to pluck snails on a rock by the beach, introduced many unknown local restaurants to us and entertain us with endless stories of quirky guests.

Oh, and there’s these two beach boys – Amar and Badrul. As I walk towards the hotel after playing by the beach, I saw one of them playing the uke. I can’t stop myself from joining them and they kindly taught me how to play Jason Mraz ‘I’m yours’. I know not much of them apart from their name; we met as stranger and left as strangers.


Though we might never meet again or at best keep in loose contact, I’m glad they made an appearance in my life.


p.s: Nowadays, my book has become some sort of a prop in a lot of photos I take with people!