Cooking on TV!

It was just a few days ago that I got an invitation go for a cooking demo at Bella, specifically on my cookbook “Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes”. It was quite a rush. As it’s World Food day, we want to talk about cooking at home, packing lunch to work and reduce food wastage (all my favourite topics!). So I chose to teach how to make homemade fish balls and congee in ziploc bag hackfish paste

So, a cooking demo involves a lot of work behind the scenes. I bought 4 ikan tenggiri (RM 26 per kg) and made a few things the night before. I wanted to show that you can make store it two ways: balls or pillows. I also made congee in ziploc bag. It was nicely frozen but thawed when it got on TV. Boo. These are half of the things I need to lug to NTV 7 studio:

1Do you know that you can’t wear a certain colour on TV?  White is one of them. Being on TV for a few times already, this time I got a little lax and didn’t pay close attention to the dress code. Lucky I took the above picture and realise I’m wearing a white skirt, so I quickly change into a velvet blue jeans instead. Phew.Sara Khong on BellaI’ve got the last half an hour on Bella. The two kind ladies are the back were talking about giving free medical help (I think). I was too busy setting up the kitchen; boil water, display congee, place fish on chopping board, etc.Cooking demo on Bella

Then it was time for my show. I’ve got I many things to say that I thought half an hour was not enough! See that thermos and Tupperware container with handle? I wanted to explain that congee is good for breakfast and easy to bring to work. You can keep it in a flask to keep warm or a microwave-safe container to reheat in your office. I think I need the whole show haha!
Bella TVElaine Daly was so excited when she way sambal petai in the book and asked for a copy. That’s exactly what I would do if I can’t really cook and someone tell me they can have sambal petai in 15 minutes heh, heh. I love people who loves petai. Even the last page of my book is of me holding a bouquet of petai. Yes, a bouquet. It smells as good as flowers. Sejambak bunga. Sejambak petai. (?!)Sara Khong and Elaine Daly

Overall, it was extremely fun. Honestly, it used to be unnerving for a natural introvert like me to be facing a huge audience. But now, my passion for homecooked food and belief that everyone can eat in more, dissolved whatever fear I have for public speaking. It’s amazing how a conviction in something changes you. I can’t wait to tell the world all that I’ve learned!

Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes

You can watch it on Tonton here!