Cooking in a bookshop!

More than a week ago, Times Bookstore invited Chef Marina Mustafa and me for a cooking demo at their flagship bookstore in Pavilion. For my session at 2 pm, “Cook Faster With Kitchen Hacks”, I brought heaps of things I use in my kitchen to speed up cooking. As no stove was provided, both of us had to use electrical appliances. With a pressure cooker, I showed how to combine the congee in ziplock bag hack and pressure cooker to make congee in 20 minutes! Chef Marina made kampung ‘fried’ rice and minestrone with pasta. I’ll love to try those recipes soon. times1 journeyoftaste2journeyoftastetimes

It was fun sharing kitchen hacks and wow people with simple ideas they’ve never thought of before. I’m looking forward to the next demo. I have some interesting things simmering in my kitchen…