Cheese fondue in Switzerland

When in Switzerland, do what the Swiss do: have cheese fondue!
chuchiWe took a stroll from our hotel to Swiss Chuchi, a Michelin guide recommended restaurant. The restaurant was warm, a  welcome escape from the cold, harsh weather outside. DSCF1790
The whole restaurant smelled strongly of cheese. If you’re lactose-intolerant and choke to the smell of parmesan, do not enter this restaurant.
DSCF1797Naturally, we ordered their popular cheese fondue & raclette.
DSCF1830I poked some bread and dipped it into cheese.DSCF1816And vegetables too.
DSCF1792I like how they serve baked mini potatoes in a bag!DSCF1795DSCF1820It was delicious in a different way, but I cannot say I won’t turn down this for our Malaysian steamboat 😉