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Pretty & Positive

I like to paste my drawings and calligraphy (in form of my favourite motivational quotes) right where I work. So lovely to be surrounded by pretty and positive things ✨

I was in Sin Chew Daily, a local Chinese newspaper, last week. I had no idea what it was saying about me; I could only read my Chinese name and simple words like ‘big/ 大‘ and ‘person/ 人’. Today Mommy read it to me. Chinese makes me sound impressive “大显身手 / tai yin san sau”. …

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The Fay Khoo Awards Food Photography Workshop

Exploring food photography with SC Shekar last weekend. He makes beautiful images of food, scenery, and people (some which I’ve admired for years unknowingly). The authenticity and ease Shekar injects into something I deem as artificial and complicated is inspiring. I really dislike too much food styling which turn food into inedible art. Professional food …

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