Green Istanbul


One of the reason why I love Istanbul much more than other cities I’ve been is the abundance of fresh local produce.

There are heap of fruits and plants everywhere. Tomatoes, green chilis and onions are served in most dishes. They’ve got the reddest, juiciest, sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. All these are grown in their own land, not imported.

We found out that agriculture is their main industry and they are self sufficient. It got me thinking why we are importing so much food (rice, potatoes, onions, etc)? Why can’t we be self-sufficient too? We’ve got plenty of land and man power, why don’t we make good use of it. Malaysia has so much potential. I only wish something can be done and that I can do something…

Yoghurt in Beijing

At Beijing, yoghurt drink packaged in ceramic & covered with a thin paper are sold everywhere. Locals love drinking them. So I got one for 5 kuai and drank at a stall along Wangfujing. It was quite nice. Another place popular for ‘xuan nai’ is Nanluoguxiang, a hutong where officials used to live. They sprinkle condiments like sweetened green beans on top. Yum!