It’s not *just* a few minutes

So someone told me, “It only takes a few minutes of your time” as though that few hundred seconds meant nothing. 

I would love to explain my view on time, just that I was too stingy to spare any. It’s hanging over my head so I thought I’ll write it down

In 2 minutes, I could make delicious egg sandwich. It’ll fill my stomach and fuel me to work for hours.

In 10 minutes, I could call my mother and talk about things. The value of that 10 minutes cannot be measured.

In 15 minutes, I could watch a good TED talk. It could change my view, improve how I do things or help me make better decisions. Again, I gain immense value in 15 minutes.

In 20 minutes, I could’ve swim 16 laps non-stop. This 20 minutes of exercise makes me physically fit to work and do things for people I love for days, weeks and months ahead.

So yes, a few minutes mean a lot more to me than most people can imagine.

How I deal with people?

How I deal with people?

  1. General rule: Be nice to everyone 
  2. Be nicer to people who take the effort to be extra nice to me. I never forget kindness.
  3. Ignore people who are not nice.
  4. When attacked, eliminate. My time is better spent on doing no.2 than wasting time on someone who really don’t deserve it.
  5. When in doubt, be nice anyway until no.4 happens because you never know they can be no.2

So far, they work quite well for me.

Discover beauty apart from vanity

One of the most popular feedback on JewelPie is ‘show more of your face!’. That is exactly what I try not to do.

JewelPie is a brand, not a personal blog. It aims to provides content with substance and style. It’s helpful and relevant to readers. I hope for it to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

I want to do something different this time around. I want to attract a different kind of attention. One base on nothing but great content that stems from creativity, knowledge and passion.

Too many women get noticed for their perceived perfect face or the length of their hemlines. But women have much more to offer to the world. I want JewelPie to be an instrument to show that fact.

I want to talk about beauty differently. It’s not derived purely from cosmetics or clothing (tho I love them both). Beauty also has a lot to do with character, health and food.

I’ve been drawn to this quote by Darling magazine. I hope it will emanates at JewelPie:

“Discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity and womanhood without degradation”

Why I love adulthood

Before the year ends, I’m sitting back to marvel at how wonderful life is at this moment. Everyone told me school is the best time in life but nobody told me adulthood is SO fun. I didn’t expect this at all.

  • The FREEDOM of doing anything without needing permission
  • The KNOWLEDGE of many things I didn’t know before
  • The CERTAINTY of what I want in life and every tiny detail of what I like or dislike
  • The EMPOWERMENT of knowing I can get whatever I want if I am willing to work for it and that it’s not just a matter of chance

…is worth growing up at accelerated speed.

Thank you God & the universe for being kind to me; I promise the blessings will not be in vain

Green Istanbul


One of the reason why I love Istanbul much more than other cities I’ve been is the abundance of fresh local produce.

There are heap of fruits and plants everywhere. Tomatoes, green chilis and onions are served in most dishes. They’ve got the reddest, juiciest, sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. All these are grown in their own land, not imported.

We found out that agriculture is their main industry and they are self sufficient. It got me thinking why we are importing so much food (rice, potatoes, onions, etc)? Why can’t we be self-sufficient too? We’ve got plenty of land and man power, why don’t we make good use of it. Malaysia has so much potential. I only wish something can be done and that I can do something…