One can only attain excellence if one has (high) standards

I believe that one can only attain excellence if one has (high) standards.

Thanks to the world traveller who frequently dines at luxury hotels and Michelin starred restaurant, he expects what I make to be similar. He doesn’t accept mediocrity anyway, in anything in life. So he takes me along where he goes and shows me how delicious food can be and what I should strive for.

I really do like that – challenges, exploring, learning, possibilities…. Now, my cooking can be really quite good (especially certain recipes). Today, I made fish amok, a famous Cambodian dish. It’s not too far off from what I had at Park Hyatt Siem Reap and my family loves it!

fish amok 1

So thankful to have someone who always believe I can do better and family who wouldn’t mind being my guinea pigs. Looking forward to feed them more!


Happiness is…

Bedding my books
Lazing and reading in bed on a Sunday morning


I dedicate my Sunday doing things I like to do for fun: read, write nothing important at all, playing the uke, experiment in the kitchen and dream. Now that I manage to find time to do ‘frivolous’ things, some people ask “why so free?”.

While there are a lot of important things to do, I want to believe that there’s always time for yourself. This morning reading time and this particular blog post came from the time I would’ve used on checking my Facebook. I eliminate time-waster and channel it to my hobbies. Reading, writing and reflecting is a better start for my precious Sunday!


Madam Gaston, his little wife. No sir, not me.

Quite a number of people asked if I’m waiting to get proposed. As they eagerly wait for an answer I normally amuse everybody with something that goes along the line “If he doesn’t marry me, plenty of other people will”.

Then laughter ensued accompanied with incredulity in their eyes. As though it is not possible that a woman who is shy of 30 in a few years time does not yearn to be call a Mrs.

In this era, do people really think that a women has nothing else in her mind than to snag a man? I grew up reading books of courageous girls doing great things (e.g Anne Frank, books by Jean Sasson), not romance novels. And one of my favourite Disney song is the one when Gaston proposed to Belle.

The truth is, it was never my dream to get married. A ring, a gown and a husband were never my ambition. I wanted to travel, to meet people, to do something worthwhile.

I’m just very lucky that someone amazing who understands that appeared and willing to do all that I want to do with me.

So, no, I’m not waiting to get married. I’m just waiting to change the world.