Size of the fight

Found a beautiful quote in my current bedtime story book, The Virgin Way by Richard Branson:

“What counts is not necessary the size of the dog in the fight- it’s the size of the fight in the dog” – Mark Twain



Oh, I must add that as I’m reading the book on the couch, I am popping homemade fish balls (a recipe in my cookbook) into my mouth. This is heaven!




Gender is irrelevant

For the past week, I was involved in many conversations that make me sound like a feminist but I would like to think I’m gender-neutral.

  • My market value is not going down as I age (infact, it’s increasing but that should be another story for another day).
  • Serenading a lover is not the role of a man only.
  • The word ‘petulant’ used on a man or a woman, means the same thing.

Anyway, I wouldn’t want to talk more about this because (most of the time) gender is irrelevant.

(Most of the time because a lady shouldn’t be going into the gents)

The ability to entertain myself

“I’m gonna have dinner and drinks with my friends tomorrow. What are you going to do?” He asked, concerned.

“Do my own thing lah. You think my world revolves around you ah?”


I have SO MANY things up my sleeve:

1. A few very exciting work projects that kept me feeling super excited. I’m refraining myself from working this weekend. So hard!

2. My sisters and I will be making pizza tomorrow! 😀

3. I found out a few days ago that, with the help of the wall, I could do supported headstand (salamba sirsana)! *gasp* Can’t wait to practice more to go upside down on my own!

4. I am reading three books concurrently and would appreciate some time to finish them. The past week was too hectic so no bedtime stories for me :/

5. I’m practicing “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera on my uke. It’s not easy, but I’m so going to be able to play it well one day *determine*


After that conversation, I’m so glad that I was in an all-girls school and that, I believe, facilitated me to be mostly single all my life. It gave me a lot of opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, pick up new interests and skills that led me to a career I am passionate about.

While he enjoy his beer, I’ll enjoy myself doing things I love to do


Why I love growing up… #2

It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy my adulthood. Despite what people see, it’s not easy at all. Nobody sees the sweat, tears and heartbreak because I don’t talk and dwell on them (I prefer to turn adversity into adventures…like being starved skinny to publishing a cookbook). But despite the bumps, the journey to adulthood had been most satisfying.

I was trying to learn to play “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera on my uke. As I look at the lyrics I feel compelled to type my thoughts about growing up. So here I am, writing when I’m suppose to be in bed.

I was 12 when Mulan was played in the cinema. I was inspired. Inspired because I had always been the ‘naughty’ one. To my relatives, speaking my mind wasn’t considered to be particularly a positive trait. I wanted to do what the boys do. I ask questions which were mostly construed as affront to their authority.

Of course, I was young and stupid obedient so I mostly succumb to the status quo and felt really suppressed. (Now that I am one, I wonder why can’t adults accommodate inquisitive minds?)

Anyway, so you can imagine me croaking to “there’s a heart that must be free to fly. That burns with a need to know the reaasoon whhhhhyyy~” 

When will my reflection shows who I am inside? Now! When I am an adult, no longer a teen, my heart is free to fly.  And when I have burning need to ask the reason why, Google always gives me an answer. If it fails, I know I can always seek it elsewhere. I love growing up!


It’s so hard to play ‘Reflection’ on the uke. It’s gonna take me forever to learn!

What happens when you read books instead of newsfeed?

I did an experiment to prove that you only need 20 hours to learn something new and succeeded. From a music retard, I transformed into a (bad) ukelele player in 20 hours. It’s as good as it gets for someone who memorised numbers instead of chords at her piano class once upon a time. Now, I can perform a few songs such as Moon River and Jingle Bells.

Actually, my first two songs were Happy Birthday and Amazing Grace. How ironic – one is played at birthdays and another at funeral. I accidentally learned songs symbolising the beginning and and end of a human life! The Boyfan says at least now I can ease people sorrow when someone died (?!)IMG_6606.JPG

Now, another experiment which I am doing spending less time on Facebook for leisure. Every time I feel like I want to, I make myself to read a book or at least well-researched papers like New York Times and Financial times (not local propaganda or God forbid Buzzfeed and other linkbaits). So how do I fare so far?

Results: I manage to read about 1.6 books per month. It’s like a brain detox. It feel so good to learn about a 17 years old boy who fought for democracy in Hong Kong, a British entrepreneur who make sugar-free and salt-free baby food and suggestion by Sir David Tang (founder of Shanghai Tang) to have Guy De Maupassant’s book in clinics….instead of ‘What-this-baby-do-will-blow-your-mind’ kinda articles.

Will continue my experiment until end of this year. I’m quite happy with the results so far!