Drawing, planting & plotting

Been drawing, planting and plotting!


Planning for more edible plants for my self-watering pots. I’m trying to get my hands on these:

1. Laksa leaves/ kesum
2. Mint / pudina
3. Holy basil
4. Thai basil
5. Chinese celery/ selom
6. Gotu kola/ pegaga
7. Sawtooth coriander/ ketumbar java

But I want mature plants that’s already established. Been suppressing my urge to take grown plants I see on strangers home compound (!). Growing them from seeds & stems takes time and patience…


Happiness is…

a huge pot of cili padi!miniedencilipadi

Mini Eden is growing not just in numbers, but in size. Aunty Mani knew of my recent love for edible plants and gave me a flowering pot of organic cili padi plant. It’s a healthy pot of plant fertilised with organic matters and is bearing fruits soon. Happy happy!

At home, while doing some last minute cleaning up before going out, I saw a wilted cili padi in the kitchen and decided to throw it in my new cili padi plant. ‘Who knows there’ll be a baby plant soon?’, I though to myself. When I sat down, I realise the plant is half my height. And I know this is only the first of my many bigger plan(t)s…


What shall I do with my pot of basil?

Did I tell you I have a mini indoor garden? It’s like a toy to me more than a chore. I call it my Mini Eden.

It has inhabitants like piggies and flamingoes, buildings and a flag to mark my territory (?!).
The garden is getting more lush by days. My pot of basil has such big foliage that it’s starting to fall.

So I harvested it and made garlic-basil toast for breakfast. But there’s plenty more where it came from. Perhaps bolognese sauce or roast tomato soup next?