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Seeds in my mailbox

Look what I found in my mailbox? 📬Unique seeds: 🔸ghost chilli 🔸cili padi 🔸double petal bluepea flower A kind stranger who read “How I Built My Edible Garden” series sent them to me. Thank you very much Karen! 🙏 I’d like to continue this act of kindness. I have a very prolific breed of okra …

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Flourishing Laksa Leaves!

My laksa leaves grow so fast and so much! 🌿🌿🌿 I gave some to my neighbour and in return got some chives and pandan #barter What to do with the remaining plant? Make Asam Laksa with it?🍜🌶🌿🐟🥢 #vietnamesemint #kesum #laksaleaves #garden #ediblegarden #sarasedibleplayground #herbs #malaysianherbs

Soy sauce ginger-coriander dip with free-range steamed chicken

Made a healthy and easy soy sauce ginger-coriander dip to go with free-range organic steamed chicken. Just mix together pounded fresh ginger, julienned sawtooth coriander, soy sauce and chicken stock from the steamed chicken. Oh, I love my sawtooth coriander plant. I find so many uses for it. Yesterday, I just made tomato vinaigrette with …

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Lonesome Tomato

This lone tomato plant managed to grew between two bushes of basil & survived long enough to produce a fruit 🍅 It’s now in my tummy. Oh, freshly plucked tomato is so sweet. I must plant more soon and make caprese!

This is not a pipe

This is genius. I was never into contemporary art but Christoph Niemann (@abstractsunday), the illustrator of The New Yorker, is changing my mind.         Also the brain is a curious thing. This image, in a split second, transported me back to an obscure museum in Brussels which I don’t even know I …

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Green With Envy

Green with envy. The grass is always greener at the other side. I never understood what they really mean until l I caught myself looking at other people’s flourishing garden with admiration. And *this* photo:   I found an amazing vertical garden at a quaint, almost deserted street, at Penang. They were all edible – …

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