Lonesome Tomato

This lone tomato plant managed to grew between two bushes of basil & survived long enough to produce a fruit 🍅

It’s now in my tummy. Oh, freshly plucked tomato is so sweet. I must plant more soon and make caprese!

From the sea and garden, to the table


From the sea and garden, to the table. We rarely realize the journey our food takes to be on our table. When we do, we’ll appreciate our meal more and hopefully try to make the journey shorter 

Screenshot 6:13:16, 2:44 PM

Plucked some spring onions and sawtooth coriander to flavour fish bone broth. I’ve gotten a few plants from my aunt’s garden in Singapore. While I’ve been growing it for a while, it’s the first time I felt like I have enough to use some.

I hope they’ll grow vigorously so I can harvest it often. A little coriander can greatly enhance a dish, and it’s rich in vitamins too.

Green With Envy

Green with envy. The grass is always greener at the other side.

I never understood what they really mean until l I caught myself looking at other people’s flourishing garden with admiration. And *this* photo:
green 2
I found an amazing vertical garden at a quaint, almost deserted street, at Penang. They were all edible – curry leaves plant, ginger leaves, sand ginger (secure), pandan leaves and more.
edible garden penang

I was in love.


How to start an edible apartment garden in a tropical country

I don’t know what spurred me to grow food in my apartment. Perhaps it was Michael Pollan’s ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma’. 

He not only discussed the conundrum of ‘What should we eat?; he cooked a meal from scratch – he foraged, fished, hunted and grew all the food that was on the table. 

I really like to do that one day. The first step is to plant. My plan was met with a lot of opposition and incredulity for I don’t have land. Nor skills. Nor time.

“But your apartment has no space”

“No, you can’t grow lemongrass in a pot”

“What happens to your plants when you travel?”

But I did it anyway. History shows that when people don’t believe I can do something, it is when I do it best. So here’s-how I started my edible apartment garden!

How to start an apartment garden in a tropical country

I’ll talk more about how I build by DIY self-watering pot system and the experiments that I’ve been doing next time. It’ll be about how to maintain a garden when you’re a frequent traveller like me.


Cili padi has character

I’ve been rather fascinated with cili padi that I draw them and plaster them all over my personal website (?!).

Sara Khong Website

Cili padi has character. It’s a fast grower and can bear fruits within 3 months. Though small, it’s strong, prolific and spicy.


I’ll never see chopped cili padi in a plate of soy sauce the same way again.

The Odd One Out

The odd one out.
My tiny tomatoes sprouted! But there’s an unidentifiable one; much taller, much thinner, much lighter. Reminds me of the Ugly Duckling. But this might grow up to be spicy instead of graceful. I suspect the culprit is the Cili Padi shrub at the back…

Drawing, planting & plotting

Been drawing, planting and plotting!


Planning for more edible plants for my self-watering pots. I’m trying to get my hands on these:

1. Laksa leaves/ kesum
2. Mint / pudina
3. Holy basil
4. Thai basil
5. Chinese celery/ selom
6. Gotu kola/ pegaga
7. Sawtooth coriander/ ketumbar java

But I want mature plants that’s already established. Been suppressing my urge to take grown plants I see on strangers home compound (!). Growing them from seeds & stems takes time and patience…


Happiness is…

a huge pot of cili padi!miniedencilipadi

Mini Eden is growing not just in numbers, but in size. Aunty Mani knew of my recent love for edible plants and gave me a flowering pot of organic cili padi plant. It’s a healthy pot of plant fertilised with organic matters and is bearing fruits soon. Happy happy!

At home, while doing some last minute cleaning up before going out, I saw a wilted cili padi in the kitchen and decided to throw it in my new cili padi plant. ‘Who knows there’ll be a baby plant soon?’, I though to myself. When I sat down, I realise the plant is half my height. And I know this is only the first of my many bigger plan(t)s…


What shall I do with my pot of basil?

Did I tell you I have a mini indoor garden? It’s like a toy to me more than a chore. I call it my Mini Eden.

It has inhabitants like piggies and flamingoes, buildings and a flag to mark my territory (?!).
The garden is getting more lush by days. My pot of basil has such big foliage that it’s starting to fall.

So I harvested it and made garlic-basil toast for breakfast. But there’s plenty more where it came from. Perhaps bolognese sauce or roast tomato soup next?