Everybody needs reminders to slow-down

The last few weeks, I was in a trance-like state. I have been working like a robot, as soon as I wake-up and until I had no choice but to sleep. Eating is for survival and sleeping is to regain energy to work.

Then I remember how JewelPie started; I’m prone to overworking and needed a work-life balance. The worst part of it all? I’m super happy working and I don’t want to do anything else (?!)

It was madness. It was what JewelPie is not about. But it also made me understand that even the most discipline fails to eat well, exercise and stay calm in this fast-paced world. We all constantly need reminders to slow down.

Today I had a good swim, long lunch and now I’m giving myself some time to reflect. Can’t wait for a little escape at my favourite beach to celebrate the birthday of someone very special to me!



Green Istanbul


One of the reason why I love Istanbul much more than other cities I’ve been is the abundance of fresh local produce.

There are heap of fruits and plants everywhere. Tomatoes, green chilis and onions are served in most dishes. They’ve got the reddest, juiciest, sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. All these are grown in their own land, not imported.

We found out that agriculture is their main industry and they are self sufficient. It got me thinking why we are importing so much food (rice, potatoes, onions, etc)? Why can’t we be self-sufficient too? We’ve got plenty of land and man power, why don’t we make good use of it. Malaysia has so much potential. I only wish something can be done and that I can do something…