Your friends know you better


We woke up at 3.30 am to catch the sunrise (that didn’t happen) at Broga Hill, Semenyih

“You look so happy with you apple” my friend remarked as I was enjoying the fruit my Sista offered me after a 1150 feet hike

“Yes I’m easily pleased” I said, probably with the fruit still in my mouth

Upon discovering how ridiculous I looked and sound, and that the statement is not entirely complete, I had to add

“But I’m difficult to impress”

“That’s good. It means that you have high standards but it doesn’t get in the way to your happiness”

“Hmm I never thought of it that way”


“This is Sara. If she can, she’ll play all day. But then she’ll feel guilty” my friend introduced me to a new friend

“Hey! What kind of introduction is that?” I protested and upon quick reflection to the statement, I confessed

“Hmm he could be right”


Sometimes you need your friends to tell you things you don’t know about yourself


“…when drugs are employed for therapy only after a disease has become fully developed, when [attempts at] restoring order are initiated only after disorder has fully developed, this is as if a well were dug when one is thirsty, and as if weapons were cast when the fight is on. Would this not be too late, too? ”
– Yellow Emperor’s Classic Medicine

From the sea and garden, to the table


From the sea and garden, to the table. We rarely realize the journey our food takes to be on our table. When we do, we’ll appreciate our meal more and hopefully try to make the journey shorter 

Screenshot 6:13:16, 2:44 PM

Plucked some spring onions and sawtooth coriander to flavour fish bone broth. I’ve gotten a few plants from my aunt’s garden in Singapore. While I’ve been growing it for a while, it’s the first time I felt like I have enough to use some.

I hope they’ll grow vigorously so I can harvest it often. A little coriander can greatly enhance a dish, and it’s rich in vitamins too.

Whitewater rafting at Ulu Slim River

“What sports do you do?” someone once asked. When I said yoga and swimming, he said “Oh, you like mild and solitary sports”. Well, that’s kinda true. They really are the only sports that are more sustainable. You can do it daily if you want to. But lately, I’m having quite a bit of fun trying more extreme sports….like whitewater rafting!

We drove from Kuala Lumpur to Ulu Slim Perak for 5 hours of fun (and torture). First, about 15 of us were put at the back of a truck for 1/2 journey to the start of the river. Were wore our gears – helmet, life jacket and a paddle before getting into our inflatable boat. Then we spend the next 5 hours moving out body front, back, right and left of the boat!

Here’s some photos. Wait till I get my hands of those where we were on the boat 😀

More info: Whitewater Rafting in Malaysia

Happiness is…

playing with plants, dirt and snails!    

My Mini Eden is not so mini anymore with the addition of bigger plants like pandan, lemongrass and Indian Borage. I also got ‘Sambung Nyawa’ or Longevity Spinach, which according to Free Tree Society, ‘shown promising results against viruses such as cancer and HIV’. Let’s hope they all grow well so I can cook with them!


Happiness is…

Making yummy and nutritious cold-pressed juice in the morning! 

Ok. I’m not always this happy making juice. I wanted to return to making more nutritious food after a long holiday. But it was a little daunting with a stubborn headache due to the horrid weather.

So I woke up today and decided that it will be a great day. I wore my favourite colour, played my favourite music and made my favourite juice. Oh, how the simplest things can make one feel so good!