Salad dressings

My sister @amanda_khong religiously brings her healthy lunchbox to work from Monday to Thursday. So I help her spice it up by making different salad dressing every week.

This week, I made Miso-Mustard Dressing with:

🔸1/2 tsp grated ginger

🔸1 tbsp honey

🔸1 tbsp mustard

🔸2 tbsp miso

The chicken is marinated overnight in generous amount of spices – turmeric, cumin, white pepper, and sea salt – before grilling in the oven.

Yes, this is how she keeps her figure 💃🏻

Soy sauce ginger-coriander dip with free-range steamed chicken

Made a healthy and easy soy sauce ginger-coriander dip to go with free-range organic steamed chicken.

Just mix together pounded fresh ginger, julienned sawtooth coriander, soy sauce and chicken stock from the steamed chicken.

Oh, I love my sawtooth coriander plant. I find so many uses for it. Yesterday, I just made tomato vinaigrette with it for my sister’s lunchbox. I need to plant more of them soon.

I truly believe it’s not hard to eat healthy. My family has been quite busy lately. So we just made steamed chicken, stir-fry vegetables with mushroom, fried eggs with onions, and ABC soup. Our stomach and heart is so full! 🐓🍚🍳🥦🥢💕

Weekend at the waterfalls

Our work need out eyes to be glued to the screen and bottoms on the seat. So whenever we can, we should look at greeneries and walk everywhere.

This weekend, I’ve hiked for hours, got lost in the jungle, and got bitten by leeches. I had such a good difficult time; I learned to endure bodily pain, deal with uncertainty, understand the spirit of adventure, and be calm.


Sometimes I wonder why I torture my body and mind like this. I could’ve just sleep in. But then when it’s all over, it’s amazing to *know* I can do more than I think I’m capable of. Besides I think my legs just got sexier from all the exercise 💪🌳🍂☀️🐜🕸

A need to move

What we did in Taiwan: climb the highest mountain in Taipei then head straight to Shilin market for crispy fried chicken ☁️🍗

Oh, I miss pushing my body to its limit. With no access to the pool and crazy amount of work, I haven’t been moving as much as I’d like.

I need to:

– walk instead of being driven around

– find a sport that I can do weekly

– organise a hike

#throwbacktuesday #needtoexercisemore #taipei

Why is there no Good Samaritan Law in Malaysia?

While finding out more about Good Samaritan Law, I found this article:

“Malaysia doesn’t have any Good Samaritan laws. These laws exist in certain countries to encourage bystanders to offer assistance in emergencies, by protecting them in the event of unintended injuries or death during the course of a rescue.

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr. N.K.S. Tharmaseelan said when encountering an injured victim, one should always seek help from a qualified medical professional. The only things you should do is apply pressure if there is profuse bleeding, or administer CPR if there is difficulty in breathing.”

Diffusion of responsibility

I was telling my sister how CPR could cause broken ribs. She wondered if helping someone in need could cause more trouble for the person and ourselves. Then I told her about the Good Samaritan law and was shocked to find that it’s not available in Malaysia.

Why isn’t there Good Samaritan Law in Malaysia? I think Good Samaritan Law should be the minimum standard. Countries should do better and introduce Duty To Rescue Law.

Must ask a doctor/nurse/lawyer/ politician when I meet one next.


Learning First Aid

For the longest time I attributed the passing of my Daddy to the negligence of doctors and the delay of ambulance service. And I wished I could have done more for him. I thought having all emergency number pasted on the fridge was enough. Or being home in case he needs me to send him to the hospital. But it wasn’t.

There were a lot of ‘If only’. If only I knew what to do when he had that fatal heart attack. If only I had joined St.John Ambulance like what he told me to instead of Girls Guide. If only I didn’t trust the doctor and get a second opinion. If only.

Doing CPR on a mannequin. As you can tell from my face, I took the course very seriously.

I can’t change the past, but I know that if it ever happen again to my love ones, I will be able to do something useful. So I finally I mustered enough courage to face my fear and took a first aid course over the weekend.

Now I am certified to give CPR, use the AED, and perform Heimlich Manoeuvre. It means that when someone stopped breathing, heart stop beating, and choked – I know what to do.

Here’s a one page note I made:


  • Monitor the health of my family and cook healthy food for them
  • Go to a refresher First Aid course every two years
  • Discuss with friends who are doctors/nurses about emergency health care
  • Invest in an A.E.D if someone in the family shows any sign of heart problems
  • Check the availability of A.E.D in hotels, malls, and other places I frequent
  • Put together a First Aid kit to place in the kitchen
  • Get direct number of ambulance services/fire fighter/police and paste it on the fridge (And understand that they may not be of much help)
  • Tell more people about the importance of First Aid


Do you know that if someone stops breathing, he only has 4 to 10 minutes before he becomes brain dead? Chances are that the ambulance will not arrive in time. It is VERY important that CPR is administered immediately.

I’ll put together a list of places you can learn First Aid in KL soon. Please wait!

Strength & Stamina

There’s so many things that one wants in life. I’ve always wanted strength and stamina to do *all* things exciting.

Recently I see that people (around me) meet with diseases and death. That put things in perspective; I feel so lucky to just be alive and healthy (so far and hopefully for a long time).

I haven’t even been hospitalised or have to deal with any major sickness other than occasional fever/headache/flu. To lament that I cannot sleep less, lift heavy things, or be the last to pick up new physical skills is so petty.

So I shall appreciate whatever that is given to me and be thankful everyday that I can do things for myself and others, no matter how small or slow.

Live gently

“Every day, your body requires energy to survive, to think, to do well, to be happy. You don’t get infinite energy. One way to replenish energy is to sleep. The other way is to eat well and exercise. But another way to replenish energy is to live a gentle life. As gently as possible. Which means all negotiation need to be smooth else they result in anxiety and fear and guessing…future depletion of energy. And then you die faster than the one who lived gently. Try this. Next time you are in a negotiation, don’t forget to relax your face”

– James Altucher, The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth

Happiness is…

When people enjoy my recipe and encouraged to eat better

Conducted a cooking demo and talk with McCormick & Malaysian Women’s Weekly at The Cooking House, Bangsar.

So glad to be able talk about MSG, umami and salt (things I’ve been reading and find absolute fascinating). Shared my favorite Jamu Tonic recipe too.

What a great way to spend my Saturday morning!