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Salad dressings

My sister @amanda_khong religiously brings her healthy lunchbox to work from Monday to Thursday. So I help her spice it up by making different salad dressing every week. This week, I made Miso-Mustard Dressing with: 🔸1/2 tsp grated ginger 🔸1 tbsp honey 🔸1 tbsp mustard 🔸2 tbsp miso The chicken is marinated overnight in generous …

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Soy sauce ginger-coriander dip with free-range steamed chicken

Made a healthy and easy soy sauce ginger-coriander dip to go with free-range organic steamed chicken. Just mix together pounded fresh ginger, julienned sawtooth coriander, soy sauce and chicken stock from the steamed chicken. Oh, I love my sawtooth coriander plant. I find so many uses for it. Yesterday, I just made tomato vinaigrette with …

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The world shall be my gym

New year goal: have an active everyday lifestyle with family and friends, Parisian-style. Example? Outdoor yoga with Mommy then bath my dog 💦🐕 Cocoa would sit quietly and enjoy her spa as we scrub, spray, and wipe her face and ears. What a lovable dog 😍 Oh, the world shall be my gym!

Learning First Aid

For the longest time I attributed the passing of my Daddy to the negligence of doctors and the delay of ambulance service. And I wished I could have done more for him. I thought having all emergency number pasted on the fridge was enough. Or being home in case he needs me to send him …

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Strength & Stamina

There’s so many things that one wants in life. I’ve always wanted strength and stamina to do *all* things exciting. Recently I see that people (around me) meet with diseases and death. That put things in perspective; I feel so lucky to just be alive and healthy (so far and hopefully for a long time). …

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