Salad dressings

My sister @amanda_khong religiously brings her healthy lunchbox to work from Monday to Thursday. So I help her spice it up by making different salad dressing every week.

This week, I made Miso-Mustard Dressing with:

🔸1/2 tsp grated ginger

🔸1 tbsp honey

🔸1 tbsp mustard

🔸2 tbsp miso

The chicken is marinated overnight in generous amount of spices – turmeric, cumin, white pepper, and sea salt – before grilling in the oven.

Yes, this is how she keeps her figure 💃🏻

Soy sauce ginger-coriander dip with free-range steamed chicken

Made a healthy and easy soy sauce ginger-coriander dip to go with free-range organic steamed chicken.

Just mix together pounded fresh ginger, julienned sawtooth coriander, soy sauce and chicken stock from the steamed chicken.

Oh, I love my sawtooth coriander plant. I find so many uses for it. Yesterday, I just made tomato vinaigrette with it for my sister’s lunchbox. I need to plant more of them soon.

I truly believe it’s not hard to eat healthy. My family has been quite busy lately. So we just made steamed chicken, stir-fry vegetables with mushroom, fried eggs with onions, and ABC soup. Our stomach and heart is so full! 🐓🍚🍳🥦🥢💕

The Fay Khoo Awards Food Photography Workshop

Exploring food photography with SC Shekar last weekend. He makes beautiful images of food, scenery, and people (some which I’ve admired for years unknowingly).
The authenticity and ease Shekar injects into something I deem as artificial and complicated is inspiring.
I really dislike too much food styling which turn food into inedible art. Professional food photography was not something I agree with completely until last Saturday.
I would always keep my photo real even if it is not as pretty as it can be: what you see is what I cook.
Now I am sure I can make food images which are both beautiful and delicious.

More photos:

Hiro the Rotiboy

With the genius behind Rotiboy. At their 20th anniversary party, I found that they’ve sold more 500 million buns!

Some time ago, at a dinner party, I was fortunate to be seated opposite of Hiro and his wife, Naree, where he told me about making steamed buns from scratch and selling by the roadside at Batu Ferringhi.

I’ve always love listening to people’s passion, hard work, and perseverance. It reminds me that there is no shortcut in life.

P/s: Dressed as a flapper girl or a darker version of blonde Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.

#rotiboy #mexicobun #malaysiansfavouritebun

Karipap Pusing

Made Karipap Pusing!

I normally make the dough with huge amount of butter for the melt-in-the mouth sensation. .

This time, I try the other method. Love the swirl it creates. So pretty! 😍

I also use chicken this time, instead of just potatoes. Both “inti” (fillings) are equally delicious in my opinion. Tho I prefer my curry puff with potato filling to reduce my meat consumption.

Lotus Pancakes

At Chinese wedding banquet, while most people look forward to sharks’s fin soup (which I boycott), I eagerly wait for Chinese lotus pancakes 😋


The elderly Chinese (well, even young ones) were always flabbergasted. But really, the value of food lies not in its price or prestige. Besides, I eat my sweet and crispy pancakes guilt-free.


P/s: thanks friends for taking me here for my birthday. Loved the duck and pancakes 💕


#easytoplease #boycottsharkfinsoup #sekyuen

Underwater birdnest

This eucheuma seaweed is also known as ‘underwater birdnest’(海底燕窝)

I did not realize until recently that I’ve been raised eating collagen-rich plant, sea, and animal product. This is better than eating bird’s saliva in my opinion.


I’ll be making seaweed jelly with dates and osmanthus flowers. Let food be our cosmetics! 🌼


#seaweed #collagen #beautyfood