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Happy 2^5 birthday!

   The story conversation behind this… “So this year we both won’t celebrate our birthdays with each other” I said in a matter-of-factly manner “Yeah. It’s fair”  “No it’s not” “Why?” “The significance is different. 30 is an important milestone” I explained  “32 is significant too in the computing world” “Why?” “Bytes! 2 to the …

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How to survive a long distance relationship: read the same book, discuss its merit, draw something from it and send via messenger so not to wake each other up. Inspiration from Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Rules For Revolutionaries’.   Evangineer. A combination of evangelist and engineer: someone who wants to change the world and has the technical …

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Hanging with my Momma

Recently, my favourite activity to do is joining Free Tree Society’s event. This NGO, like its name suggests, giveaway free trees! (Ok, maybe not many people will be as excited as I am). But that’s how I populate my Mini Eden with unusual plants e.g horse face plant and discovered new edible greens e.g Brazilian …

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