Your friends know you better


We woke up at 3.30 am to catch the sunrise (that didn’t happen) at Broga Hill, Semenyih

“You look so happy with you apple” my friend remarked as I was enjoying the fruit my Sista offered me after a 1150 feet hike

“Yes I’m easily pleased” I said, probably with the fruit still in my mouth

Upon discovering how ridiculous I looked and sound, and that the statement is not entirely complete, I had to add

“But I’m difficult to impress”

“That’s good. It means that you have high standards but it doesn’t get in the way to your happiness”

“Hmm I never thought of it that way”


“This is Sara. If she can, she’ll play all day. But then she’ll feel guilty” my friend introduced me to a new friend

“Hey! What kind of introduction is that?” I protested and upon quick reflection to the statement, I confessed

“Hmm he could be right”


Sometimes you need your friends to tell you things you don’t know about yourself

Brain Upgrade

“If you’re granted a wish to change any part of you body, what would it be?” I asked

“My brain”


“I want an upgrade”

“That’s odd. I thought it’ll be something else”

“Won’t you want to change your brain?”

“No. It’s good enough”

“But everyone should want to upgrade their brain. It’s the only logical thing to do” he insist

“Logic takes you from A to B. But imagination takes you everywhere” I borrowed a quote from Albert Einstein

“If you have a bigger brain, you can imagine more things”

“Hmm…make sense”

Happy 2^5 birthday!

The story conversation behind this…

“So this year we both won’t celebrate our birthdays with each other” I said in a matter-of-factly manner

“Yeah. It’s fair” 

“No it’s not”


“The significance is different. 30 is an important milestone” I explained 

“32 is significant too in the computing world”


“Bytes! 2 to the power of 5 is 32!” 

“Are we human or are we robots?” I asked a rhetorical question

The answer and point were clear; 30 is bigger than 32.

Happiness is…

a huge pot of cili padi!miniedencilipadi

Mini Eden is growing not just in numbers, but in size. Aunty Mani knew of my recent love for edible plants and gave me a flowering pot of organic cili padi plant. It’s a healthy pot of plant fertilised with organic matters and is bearing fruits soon. Happy happy!

At home, while doing some last minute cleaning up before going out, I saw a wilted cili padi in the kitchen and decided to throw it in my new cili padi plant. ‘Who knows there’ll be a baby plant soon?’, I though to myself. When I sat down, I realise the plant is half my height. And I know this is only the first of my many bigger plan(t)s…


Bill Nye The Science Guy

  “You know Bill Nye?”

“The science guy?” I asked 


“Yes. Loved him! Used to try his experiments”

“Oh I got a signed copy of his book. The best one – addressed to Sarah Palin” 

“You met him?! Did you take a photo?”

“Yeah. I don’t do lame things like that”

Now I have a signed copy of Bill Nye’s latest book, signed with a sarcastic remark to boot. Happy happy!

#BillNye #SarahPalin #unstoppable

Now, how do I find time to read this?