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Underwater birdnest

This eucheuma seaweed is also known as ‘underwater birdnest’(海底燕窝) I did not realize until recently that I’ve been raised eating collagen-rich plant, sea, and animal product. This is better than eating bird’s saliva in my opinion. . I’ll be making seaweed jelly with dates and osmanthus flowers. Let food be our cosmetics! 🌼 . #seaweed …

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“There’s not much to say about the period except that most writers don’t use it soon enough.” – William Zinsser And I am a speaker who uses few full stops #chatterbox 😂

12 things that are better than youth & will improve with age

Tomorrow, I’m turning thirty. And I’m excited. More excited than I’m expected to be. People’s reaction to growing older troubles me quite a bit. Why is everyone so gloomy about growing older? Some don’t want the cake to have three huge candles. Some want to keep their age secret. Some asked if I can’t wait to …

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School girl in Ginza

This is a rare OOTD because I’m wearing my Japanese school girl uniform after 13 years! I only recently discovered it after spring cleaning my house the KonMari way. The uniform surely sparked joy and I thought ‘why not use it?’ I plan to make it a permanent part of my wardrobe and wear it …

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