Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes (2014)
Malaysian-Meals-In-30-Minutes-CookbookSara’s first cookbook published under MPH. A best-selling book in MPH Masterchef series, the book focus on making Malaysian dishes under 30 minutes. The book includes hacks and tips to make cooking faster and easier




One Pot Wonders (2017)
Sara’s second cookbook which she co-wrote with Marina Mustafa. It’s a cookbook using PHILIPS All-in-one Cooker, with a collection of recipes for everybody.

This book is chosen as a finalist for Easy Recipe Category at the French-based International Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2018.


3 Ingredient Recipes (2018)
Urbanites are often left with very little time and energy to cook after a full day’s work. However, constantly neglecting to eat well will adversely affect our health and deplete our energy. It is important to eat nutritious home-cooked food especially if we are overworked.

Despite our busy lifestyles, Sara believes that we can find time to cook nourishing meals for ourselves and our family. Prepare delicious dishes that require only three main ingredients (and some basic condiments that you already have in your pantry).


Slow Cooker Recipes (2018)
This book contains 50 slow cooker recipes including soups, congee, noodles, rice, cakes, sweet soup (tong shui), and meat dishes.