Karipap Pusing

Made Karipap Pusing!

I normally make the dough with huge amount of butter for the melt-in-the mouth sensation. .

This time, I try the other method. Love the swirl it creates. So pretty! 😍

I also use chicken this time, instead of just potatoes. Both “inti” (fillings) are equally delicious in my opinion. Tho I prefer my curry puff with potato filling to reduce my meat consumption.

Small Home. Alternative Lifestyle

My friend built a little house from scratch! It’s too cool, Atiqah Nadiah Zailani!

I like the alternative lifestyle that some of my friends lead. It’s not the typical work from 9 to 5, buy an apartment and car, get married, and have kids (though there’s nothing wrong with that and I admire the endurance and stability)
I find inspiration from a different lifestyle i.e finding work they love (that may pay less), not have a car, homeschool their kids, etc.
This reminds me of Jean-Paul Satre who said that we are freer than we think. We have choices in life though it seems that we don’t. We don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.
At one point I was very interested in small spaces. Then recently I realise it’s not for me. I love space. A huge kitchen to cook together with my family. A big shelf to put all my books. A large garden to plant edibles and hunt snails.
It’s nice to know that there is no ‘standards’. You don’t need to want what everyone wants. But if you do, it’s ok too. Everyone wants different things. We just need to know what we want for ourselves. And that requires a lot of self-discovery…

Lotus Pancakes

At Chinese wedding banquet, while most people look forward to sharks’s fin soup (which I boycott), I eagerly wait for Chinese lotus pancakes 😋


The elderly Chinese (well, even young ones) were always flabbergasted. But really, the value of food lies not in its price or prestige. Besides, I eat my sweet and crispy pancakes guilt-free.


P/s: thanks friends for taking me here for my birthday. Loved the duck and pancakes 💕


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How much is my time worth?

In a capitalist society, everyone has a price tag. You are worth how much the system is willing to pay for your labour.

At times, you have the freedom to give a set of numbers to tell others how much you are worth (for x amount of time/work).

I find it so hard to put monetary value to my time; it is worth much more than whatever I’ll ever charge.

A need to move

What we did in Taiwan: climb the highest mountain in Taipei then head straight to Shilin market for crispy fried chicken ☁️🍗

Oh, I miss pushing my body to its limit. With no access to the pool and crazy amount of work, I haven’t been moving as much as I’d like.

I need to:

– walk instead of being driven around

– find a sport that I can do weekly

– organise a hike

#throwbacktuesday #needtoexercisemore #taipei

Be a polymath, not a generalist

Thoughts from this article: People who have ‘too many interests’ are more likely to be successful according to research

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” -Charles Darwin


Now I don’t feel too bad in my recent obsession with philosophy and all the random interests I picked along the way e.g gardening, calligraphy, finance… No knowledge is useless. I just need to use it and use it I will!

Happy birthday, Cocoa!

Ten years ago, I took you home in this little basket. I named you Cocoa; ‘Lollipop’ was too complicated and ‘Lighting’ was too boring a name.

This year you’re not here with us. We miss coming back to you sitting with crossed hands like a lady and wagging your tail.

I especially miss you when my food experiment fail because you’ll eat them like they are the yummiest food that you’ve ever tasted. You are truly my biggest fan as I am yours.

Happy Birthday, Cocoa!

Underwater birdnest

This eucheuma seaweed is also known as ‘underwater birdnest’(海底燕窝)

I did not realize until recently that I’ve been raised eating collagen-rich plant, sea, and animal product. This is better than eating bird’s saliva in my opinion.


I’ll be making seaweed jelly with dates and osmanthus flowers. Let food be our cosmetics! 🌼


#seaweed #collagen #beautyfood