Strength & Stamina

There’s so many things that one wants in life. I’ve always wanted strength and stamina to do *all* things exciting.

Recently I see that people (around me) meet with diseases and death. That put things in perspective; I feel so lucky to just be alive and healthy (so far and hopefully for a long time).

I haven’t even been hospitalised or have to deal with any major sickness other than occasional fever/headache/flu. To lament that I cannot sleep less, lift heavy things, or be the last to pick up new physical skills is so petty.

So I shall appreciate whatever that is given to me and be thankful everyday that I can do things for myself and others, no matter how small or slow.


Doing the usual in Beijing: drink yoghurt (suan nai/ 酸奶). 7 years ago it was 5 kuai, now its 10 kuai. Today we can pay with WeChat (it’s like our Whatsapp).
There’s even QR code hung at every stall at the wet market. You don’t have to pay cash to your butcher/vegetable seller if you have your phone. 

I’m so impress with China – they’ve progressed so much…and we have not.

Live gently

“Every day, your body requires energy to survive, to think, to do well, to be happy. You don’t get infinite energy. One way to replenish energy is to sleep. The other way is to eat well and exercise. But another way to replenish energy is to live a gentle life. As gently as possible. Which means all negotiation need to be smooth else they result in anxiety and fear and guessing…future depletion of energy. And then you die faster than the one who lived gently. Try this. Next time you are in a negotiation, don’t forget to relax your face”

– James Altucher, The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth


“I am not justified in causing myself pain, for I have never deliberately caused pain to another”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Frame Thai

Happiness is…when your girlfriend take you on a date to a quirky restaurant you’ve never heard of.

Thai Frame is a restaurant and minimart which serves Thai street food and sells Thai food products. I felt like I was transported to Bangkok!

We’ve got Betagen, pad Thai, pork leg rice and some dessert. I’m so going back to get the homemade coconut ice cream I was too full to eat!

proper conversation, not mindless chatter

I love all forms of communication – written, spoken, digital or physical – especially those where we exchange thoughts & jokes.

However, as the means of communication becomes cheaper, faster, and easier, its quality dissipates. Proper conversation is few and far between – most people just send short and abbreviated text.

What I really like is phone calls or long face-to-face conversation. But they are so rare that when I do get them, my heart flutters and I feel like tying those people with a rope so they don’t leave so soon (while keeping my cool not to look like I have no friends haha!)

Maybe people are embarrass to talk since they are so used to hiding behind a screen. But if so, shouldn’t it be easier now to reply to a message, or write a simple thank you when a simple question is answered?

No, messages are normally ignored because we are flooded with so many of them that they have lost meaning. Then we conveniently blame our lack of courtesy on our lack of time.

Which is rather sad to me. So I vow to try to reply to every message and end every conversation properly. On weekends, I call close friends who enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations. I even bought a whole set of stationery to write cards and letters again. This way, I hope my everyday discourse will not be reduced to mindless chatter…

Culture also teaches us how to eat

“As wonderful as science is, culture also teaches us how to eat”, Michael Pollan explaining the French Paradox. Perhaps the secret to the the French slim figures -despite eating rich food – is dining slowly.
I miss dining in brasseries by the pavements in Paris, strolling by the Seine river with a Berthillon ice-cream in my hand, and just live without a timetable…
#stopdreaming #lifeisnotmeasuredbyfunalone #foodphilosophy

Learning Japanese from a lazy egg

Doings things gives me adrenaline rush, which in turns makes me want to do more – it’s almost like a drug. But time is always a limiting factor; so even my leisure time has turned productive (?!). What do I do on Instagram? Learn Japanese from Gudetama, my favourite lazy egg.

What I’ve learned:

  • yaruki (やる気) = motivation
  • yarukinai (やる気ない) = demotivated
  • 気 = Qi
  • Minna o machikane = Everyone waited
  • Kyushoku (給食) = school lunch
  • Jikan de ichi su (時間で一す) = It is time
  • Minna o machi kane kyushoku no jikan de ichi su (みんなおまちかね給食の時間で一す = Everyone, it is time for school lunch everyone’s been waiting for (?)
  • ikiteru (生きてる) = alive
  • kiiroi (黄色い) = yellow
  • Asonjya ikemasen (遊んじゃいけません) = do not play
  • 遊 (yau) = tour

How I plan to write recipes 

“A tenet of journalism is that “the reader knows nothing”. As tenets go, it’s not flattering, but a technical writer can never forget it. You can’t assume that your readers know what you assume everybody knows, or that they still remember what was once explained to them.

The principle of scientific and technical writing applies to all nonfiction writing. It’s the principle of leading readers who know nothing, step by step, to a grasp of subjects they didn’t think they had an aptitude for or were afraid they were too dumb to understand.”

– William Zinsser 


“There’s not much to say about the period except that most writers don’t use it soon enough.”

– William Zinsser

And I am a speaker who uses few full stops #chatterbox