Bending by the beach

November was a hectic month for me. I really look forward to a short beach getaway with my family. Half of the entourage have highly stressful jobs and been waiting for this for a while. We work hard, play hard!

Here at our favourite resort, Hyatt Regency Kuantan, all we do is eat, sleep and swim (?!). Recently, I decided to do more yoga and got into a few of my favourite poses by the beach.

The first one is called the boat pose (paripurna navasana). I’ve been doing a lot of this because I’m trying to put on some weight and I don’t want the fats to concentrate on my belly. While it might look easy, you need very strong abs to maintain the pose for a long time. If you want to flatten your belly, try it!
yoga by the beach2

A new pose I’ve been working on is the wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana). Oh, it’s so difficult for me! Not blessed with a strong back or hands, it took me a while to build up my strength in those parts.

A good friend of mine, Carmen, while standing up, can just lift her head back and miraculously form a beautiful back bend….without a yoga mat! She is my inspiration; hope I can do that one day. Sara, practice more! You can do it! *cheer to self*



Now, it’s time to get away from my screen and rest my overworked eyes. Tomorrow, I shall enjoy the sea breeze and continue bending my body!