Beef on my wall

The walls in my house are rather bare and I like it that way. It looks uncluttered and peaceful; exactly how I want my home to be. So I never had the urge to put anything on it until I saw a beef cut chart at Le Cordon Bleu London. I wanted to get one but didn’t know where.

One fine day, while checking out the gentrified Tiong Baru in Singapore, I found what I wanted and better. It’s a beef cut chart on a canvas. I had to get it!

But when I took it home, I had a problem: I didn’t know how to hang it. My attempt to hang it on the wall with washi tapes failed. I didn’t want to frame it either. Not knowing how to display it without hacking my wall, I had no choice but to leave it on my shelf. For months, the poor canvas was lying there and not serving it purpose.

Then, as I was tidying my stationery, I found some blue tack. It was a lightbulb moment. With it and some leftover washi tapes from my DIY 2D Christmas Tree, I manage to kept it on the wall without using nails. Yay! That makes a happy Sara!


Yesterday, as I was reading a recipe on braised beef ribs, the author mentioned that brisket can also be used. I lifted my head, looked at the chart and knew exactly what he was talking about. What a beautiful and useful decor!