Because it doesn’t involves emotion

He was away for a business trip which lasted almost 40 days. I only got to see him for a few days at Hong Kong. For the rest of the time, we communicated via FaceTime. Though it’s true that absence make the heart grows fonder, it doesn’t mean conversations have to be romantic. In fact, it can be otherwise.


{ We started a discussion on romantic relationship }

“Relationship is so complex…. I won’t do it again” he said gravely

“Too late”, I chirped.

“Yeah…” he said in a tone short of heaving a sigh

“But work is complex. Life is complex. Why do you still do it?” I challenged him, a little too cheerfully for what most people would think is a sensitive topic

“Work does not involve emotions”



I was told many girlfriends would have been angry. But I find it so funny (and cute) that he said as though I am an evil, emotional force he failed to resist.