Sixty going on sixteen

My Mommy is almost sixty but she’s as sporting as a sixteen. She would crawl in a narrow 3 metres deep underground tunnel formerly used by Viet Cong guerrillas, sit on stools by the street to eat weird food, climb on military tank, join me at the tip of a wooden motor boat along Mekong river & take heaps of photos with me whenever I ask her to.vietmommy

Beach holiday + national TV

Last week, Malaysia was plagued by horrible haze. Perhaps, to look at the positive side, we learned to appreciate what we took for granted i.e fresh air. The highlight of this week was celebrating a family’s 30th wedding anniversary by the beach and sharing JewelPie’s ideas on national TV.

JewelPie: sea

The haze blurred the distinction between the sea and the sky


JewelPie: Picking sea snails and clams

Sea snails and clams lived on a slab of rock by the beach of Teluk Chempedak…until we came.


JewelPie: sea snail

A friendly beach boy told us that they are best cooked with garlic and chilli, Malay-style.


JewelPie: Udang kering

Happily getting some udang kering (dried shrimp) at a dry seafood shop in Kuantan for some homemade belacan chill.


JewelPie: Ikan Bilis

Dried seafood like ikan bilis make the best souvenier from a beach town like Kuantan.


JewelPie: Mangosteen, lychee and tea

Mangosteen, lychees and a cup of hot chamomile tea with lemon slices on a reserved table by the beach.


JewelPie: Bella TV, ntv7

Behind the scene at the cosy ntv7 studio where we were introducing the content of instant smoothie


JewelPie: Vanessa and Sara on the set

We had great fun making quick food and organising things with Vanessa Chong of the Amazing Race Asia fame.



food, friends & fun

If I were to sum up last week in three words, it would be food, friends and parties. Thankfully due to prior planning, heaps of discipline and some sacrifices (sleep), I got a lot of work done in the midst of all that.

This week, I plan to slow down a little. The heat in Kuala Lumpur is replaced by haze. The latter is as debilitating as the former. So it’s of utmost importance to keep myself fit through sufficient rest and nutritious food.

JewelPie: Bubbles

A party for adults involved brandy and bubbles


JewelPie: Weekend

Behind the scenes photoshoot at Mediteca. JewelPie will be showing readers how to make dishes like a chef.


JewelPie: Julienne ZestFirst attempt at making julienne zest, one of the required ingredients in Mediteca’s iberico pork ribs.


JewelPie: Mediteca

Chef extraordinaire, Riccardo, slicing cured ham at Mediteca’s pork party.


JewelPie: PlateCulture

A few friends of mine (Rina and Ash) decided to do something different together. We signed up for a Mauritian dinner at PlateCulture, had home-cooked food and made some friends.

Buffet brunch & other things

I like to find joy in little things, however mundane. These are a few things that made my week interesting.JewelPie
Apparently, pisang apu is most suitable to make pisang goreng (banana fritters)


Oud from Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s smells of spicy kayu gaharu, a prized fragrant wood. It won the FIFI fragrance award, the ‘oscars’ of the perfume industry.


The only time it’s acceptable to skip breakfast is when you’re going to a decadent buffet brunch.


Washing kerang (cockles) is quite tedious but the results are worth it.


I believe I’ve figured out the easiest way to wrap zongzi/ bak chang (glutinous rice dumpling)!


Trifle is a dessert I’ve always wanted to try to make at home one day.

Have a good weekend!

Discover beauty apart from vanity

One of the most popular feedback on JewelPie is ‘show more of your face!’. That is exactly what I try not to do.

JewelPie is a brand, not a personal blog. It aims to provides content with substance and style. It’s helpful and relevant to readers. I hope for it to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

I want to do something different this time around. I want to attract a different kind of attention. One base on nothing but great content that stems from creativity, knowledge and passion.

Too many women get noticed for their perceived perfect face or the length of their hemlines. But women have much more to offer to the world. I want JewelPie to be an instrument to show that fact.

I want to talk about beauty differently. It’s not derived purely from cosmetics or clothing (tho I love them both). Beauty also has a lot to do with character, health and food.

I’ve been drawn to this quote by Darling magazine. I hope it will emanates at JewelPie:

“Discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity and womanhood without degradation”

Food in Brussels

I’ve once wondered if I would enjoy traveling so much if not for the opportunity to sample exotic, local food. While I may not be a big eater, I certainly enjoy the flavour in every nibble I take.

This winter, I explored the town of Brussels. It’s such a shame that we know so little about their delicious local food. They are know for their fresh mussels, quality beer (which they claim is far superior than German’s), Belgian fries with variety of sauces to choose from and, of course chocolates.

Mussels with wine and celery at Chez Leon, a popular local joint in the most happening area of the town.


Kriek, or cherry beer. Even if you generally dislike beer like I do, kriek will win you over.


belgian chocolate

Lovely display of Belgian chocolates in huge glass jar.



Watching a short clip at the European Parliament about natural farming. Food is a favourite topic of mine and I’m always curious where they came from.


belgian fries

Belgian gets annoyed when I call it French fries out of habit. These are the crispiest chips I’ve put in my mouth. Absolutely divine with their special sauce, andalouse.