The slow, steady and quiet tortoise

Looks can be deceiving. Despite appearing outgoing, deep inside, I am an introvert. I recharge through quiet activities like reading, writing, cooking, home spa, doodling and daydreaming. Though I enjoy being with people, I prefer their company through meaningful conversations instead of rowdy activities. This TED talk ‘QUIET: The power of introverts’ by Susan Cain, …

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On the way to our favourite beach resort… “Look at the car, the suspension is so low!” “Yeah man!” “That’s why can go so fast. High momentum” “If it crash, it’ll be even worst due to its weight. Right?” “Yup” “Hmm, my physics coming to good use now. But I don’t remember the formula” “f=ma. …

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Pushing buttons

After an argument which he claimed due to me pushing his buttons, I drew this comic on Penultimate: Get it? *** Many might be further angered, but we both think its funny. In my defence, I bought him a chocolate bar as a ‘peace offering’ too. So all was well! (And I need a proper stylus …

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