Hiro the Rotiboy

With the genius behind Rotiboy. At their 20th anniversary party, I found that they’ve sold more 500 million buns! Some time ago, at a dinner party, I was fortunate to be seated opposite of Hiro and his wife, Naree, where he told me about making steamed buns from scratch and selling by the roadside at …

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Karipap Pusing

Made Karipap Pusing! I normally make the dough with huge amount of butter for the melt-in-the mouth sensation. . This time, I try the other method. Love the swirl it creates. So pretty! 😍 I also use chicken this time, instead of just potatoes. Both “inti” (fillings) are equally delicious in my opinion. Tho I …

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Lotus Pancakes

At Chinese wedding banquet, while most people look forward to sharks’s fin soup (which I boycott), I eagerly wait for Chinese lotus pancakes 😋 . The elderly Chinese (well, even young ones) were always flabbergasted. But really, the value of food lies not in its price or prestige. Besides, I eat my sweet and crispy …

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