Thoughts about time, money, and value.

Many things at work and at play made me realise the (dis)connection between time, money, and value. My thoughts:

1. What a pity that what is not commercially valuable is consider of little value when it is intrinsically worth much.

2. My faith in people means that I give more time/ benefit of doubt to that person than he/she actually deserves.

3. But as time is limited, I want to give priority to people who value my time/company more than those who do less.

4. A short time to other people may feel like a long time to efficient people. When someone says, “Oh, it’s just one month”, it’s not true to me. That one month may feel like three months. Maybe because I know can do so much in short time that it feels like a long time. It is never *just* a few minutes to me.

In two months time, I turned a bare garden into a little farm

5.  I avoid ‘multi-tasking’ because ‘focus’ saves more time. So sometimes I can be preoccupied by one thing and one thing only.

6. As I grow older, I begin to like things to move at a faster than rather than a slower pace. This affects my patience.

7. How much more time have I left on this earth I will never know. So sometimes giving into my impulse is ok.

8. Things takes away time. At the moment, I don’t want to buy anything.

I like to spend time doing things that I love slowly


9. Better spend a little time thinking about time lest we squander them all to useless activites/thoughts.

10. It seems ironic that I like to save time because I like to spend time doing things that I love slowly.

Luxury is time.

How much is my time worth?

Gentle and Grave

“…to be master of oneself, and never waver in one’s resolve; be cheerful when ill, or in any predicament; the example of character marked by a harmonious blend of gentleness and gravity; to set work on the task without complaint. And the confidence he inspired in everyone that what he was saying was just what he thought, and that whatever he did was done with no bad intent”

Facebook reminded me that I read this passage from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations two years ago. It gave me goosebumps then and it still inspires me today.


Genocide in Myanmar and what we can do about it

The situation in Myanmar is atrocious. Watching this video makes me realise what is really going on.

Genocide at this century! Reminds me of The Nazi era which we believed won’t be repeated.

We often think that there’s nothing we can do about things like this but it’s not true. At the very least be aware when traveling to Myanmar (our spending as a tourist should benefit the local community, not the government).

And do read, talk, write about it so more people know what is going on.

If we can’t save the world, at least not make it worst.

Interesting read: Is it time for travellers to boycott Myanmar?

Flourishing Laksa Leaves!

My laksa leaves grow so fast and so much! 🌿🌿🌿

I gave some to my neighbour and in return got some chives and pandan #barter

What to do with the remaining plant? Make Asam Laksa with it?🍜🌶🌿🐟🥢

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